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ElaraBio at SOT Annual Meeting


Interns, Breanna Ford, Hiro Irimagawa and Natalie Winje, from ElaraBioscience along with President & CEO, Dale Johnson, attended the Society of Toxicology Annual meeting in Phoenix this year. Presented at the meeting was a poster about the model for the ElaraPlatform based on the CalEPA DTSC Safter Consumer Product regulations. The poster can be downloaded here

Update from CalEPA DTSC: Products Selected

paint-peelThe initial set of three products to be examined by the DTSC have been selected and announced. The products consist of items containing chlorinated Tris, diisocyanates and methylene chloride. All contain known or suspected carcinogens and span a range of both hazard traits and industry applications. In selecting the initial draft products the DTSC is not banning any items but rather selecting for the start of a process which will include alternative analysis for the development of safer products.

Safer Consumer Product Regulations


The California Department of Toxic Substance Control has published the Safer Consumer Product Regulations. These regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative Law on August 28, 2013 and took effect on October 1, 2013.  The purpose of the Safer Consumer Product Regulations is to require manufacturers and other responsible entities to seek safer alternatives to harmful chemical ingredients, and in doing so, lead the way in producing safer versions of goods already in demand around the world. Elara Bioscience has made a full list of all candidate chemicals available and searchable and is committed to providing news and resources for everyone involved with the Safer Consumer Product Regulations. To learn more about the regulations visit DTSC.CA.gov or view and download a copy of the regulations.


Finally all the toxicology data I need in one easy-to-use repository. This is going to make my life a lot easier.

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